Computer Repair and Web Design in the Morecambe Bay Area

Bay Tech is based in sunny Morecambe and serves the local area, specialising in computer repair and web design.  Its IT Technician, Web Designer, owner, CEO, Finance Director, Administrator, Coffee-maker-in-chief and Coffee-drinker-in-chief is Matthew McCabe.

Computer Repair

With a mission to make IT accessible to all and to help people make the most out of their devices, almost all home IT problems and projects are dealt with. I aim to respond just as quickly as I can and to get things fixed up quickly too.

Many Tech firms will bore and confuse you with jargon, or, worse still, sell you something you don’t need. That’s not our style at Bay Tech. We’ll explain things in ways that make sense and provide the solution or the product that you actually need.

Web Design

In terms of web design, I’ll work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you achieve the design and results that you want in a website.